February Sketches

Started off following more drawing exercises from Ted Dodson’s Keys to Drawing.  Each time, I work to detach myself from perfection and let the imperfect have its way…

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Took some time to practice portraits, some from life, mostly from photos, all done relatively quick…

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Some portraits were more detailed and took more time…

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Worked on a  few Butte County landscapes…

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Did some architecture studies…

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Plus a couple random watercolors…

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And, of course, sketched a few things in the Moleskine.

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All in all, a very pleasing and productive month.


Watercolor Fun

Also started painting more, taping “practice” watercolor paper onto a clipboard, then playing with wet washes and drawing what I find in the dried paint…

Other times, drew out things in pen-and-ink, then laid in washes after that…

Turns out, drawing and painting are very separate tasks and yet so symbiotic, each depending on the other to enhance its best qualities…

Some pages got divvied up into quadrants,  so I painted out small thumbnails of things I passed on my daily walks through San Francisco.

Mostly, it’s just nice to capture a moment, to lock in the feeling that caused my hand to reach for the pen.


End of June Sketches

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As much as I’d like to draw every day, I just refuse to force it and, instead, wait for wu wei to provide some inspiration.

Sometimes, I draw from life while other times from photos.  Either way, I wait till something about an image touches me, inspiring me to capture it.

It’s getting easier to draw people.  Even though my sketches aren’t perfect renditions of the subjects, the more I do them, the more confident I feel.

Still, each time I start, I’m certain that I’ll never be able to capture what I see.

Afterward, when I look at what I’ve drawn, I realize that, if nothing else, what I have captured is the inspiring spark that got me to reach for the pencils.


Month-End Moleskine Sketches

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Lotsa sketching this month.

After taking a six-month break, it’s nice to see that all I learned during my first year of learning has settled into my subconscious.  Now, rather than worrying that a drawing will suck, I just look at my subject, study its lines, and put it down on paper.  Sometimes, it does suck.  But I don’t worry so much anymore.

That’s a nice change.