Lotsa Portrait Practice

Despite a computer meltdown in April that wasn’t fixed until mid-May, I kept myself busy drawing quick small portraits in my lined pocket Moleskine…

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Successfully sketched 100 people in one week for the worldwide OneWeek100People challenge…

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And some more careful studies of individual people…



Did a fun sepia study of Uruguayan painter Juan Manuel Blanes…



Painted this image from a photo of my parents in the mid-20th century…



And this one from a photo, too…



I always love painting images of my son…



Plus other local San Fran Folks…

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Better to focus on other people than out-of-control technological snafus.


Summer Sketches

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Been a long summer.  Have enjoyed drawing this past month and feel as if I really must do more, learn more, practice more, expand on what I already know.  We’ll see what happens.

End of June Sketches

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As much as I’d like to draw every day, I just refuse to force it and, instead, wait for wu wei to provide some inspiration.

Sometimes, I draw from life while other times from photos.  Either way, I wait till something about an image touches me, inspiring me to capture it.

It’s getting easier to draw people.  Even though my sketches aren’t perfect renditions of the subjects, the more I do them, the more confident I feel.

Still, each time I start, I’m certain that I’ll never be able to capture what I see.

Afterward, when I look at what I’ve drawn, I realize that, if nothing else, what I have captured is the inspiring spark that got me to reach for the pencils.