Happy Birthday, Lila Schindler

Today’s the birthday of a dear friend, the mother of my two hermanomigos.

Since Christmas, I’ve been staring at a photograph of her from 1980.  Como se dice, el tiempo vuela.  Time flies.

So nice to have spent this past week focused on her spirit, on the kind and gentle geography of her face.

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Another Oroville Getaway

It’s nice to drive outta town, to head over mountains and follow delta rivers.  Nothing like a place to stay with nothing to do — nothing but putting marks on paper.  (Click for bigger views.)

Managed to catch this view of Oroville’s Cemetary on the back of some recycled packaging paper.


Kept drawing fast, whatever was in front of me, then added hues with watercolor paints and pencils.

September Sketches

Sketched quite a bit this month while also loading earlier drawings onto Instagram.  Though drawing only two years now, I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve produced, how many different types of sketches.   Here’s some of what I did this month:

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I’m feeling the itch to start painting again with watercolors.  Maybe, later this year, once it starts getting dark and cold, it’ll be a good time to experiment with paints and papers.  Here’s more from September:

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