San Francisco

January Sketches

Spent a lotta time this month prepping new classes for the spring.  Still, managed to get some drawing done.  Started off right on New Years Day…20190101cCaught an awesome early year sunset…20190102aOnce back from Mexico, did a study of skies and clouds, using four different shades of blue…

Also did a detailed study of Yogi Ram from Mexico…

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Based on Teoh’s review, got Ted Dodson’s book Keys to Drawing and followed the early exercises…

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Also found time to sketch on-sight in the Moleskine…

By the end of the month, once all my prep work was done, got to meditate on this morning sunrise…


Then got myself an ice cream to say Cheers!


Can’t wait to see what next month brings!


December Sketches

Another month has come and gone, and just can’t believe how much drawing and sketching and painting I’ve done.  Never would’ve imagined I’d be so prolific with so many examples of wabi-sabi.  I’m starting to get addicted — if I’m not already.

Moleskine Sketches

Now more than halfway through this current notebook.  Drawing on lined papers makes me nostalgic for my former poetry days.  Feels like I’m still writing, only now in a language of color and line.

Sketchbook Sketches

Working through a few different sketchbooks.  One of them is very inexpensive with low-grade paper.  Like using that one most because I feel most free making mistakes.  That allows me to follow the pen and see what happens.  I’ve got a couple other sketchbooks with heavier paper, which is much much better for watercolor practice.

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Watercolor Sketches

When I want to get serious, I tape some heavyweight hot-press watercolor paper to a clipboard and get to work with watercolor washes.  So much more commitment and fear when working on better materials.  Makes surrender to the process that much more terrifying.  And pleasure with the finished product that much more rewarding.

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Miscellaneous Sketches

In some cases, I’ll draw on recycled packaging paper or on plain recycled copy paper.  Sometimes, I sketch out ideas for bigger sketches.  Or I’ll quickly sketch what’s in front of me.  It’s better than being bored!  And, of course, I keep doing color charts of the all my palettes.

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Happy New Year!


On Recycled Packaging Paper

Taking inspiration from Peter Rush, started drawing on recycled packaging paper, mostly tea boxes, pizza and cereal boxes, and aTV dinner box.  Corrugated paper didn’t work so well.  Click for larger images…

Watercolor Fun

Also started painting more, taping “practice” watercolor paper onto a clipboard, then playing with wet washes and drawing what I find in the dried paint…

Other times, drew out things in pen-and-ink, then laid in washes after that…

Turns out, drawing and painting are very separate tasks and yet so symbiotic, each depending on the other to enhance its best qualities…

Some pages got divvied up into quadrants,  so I painted out small thumbnails of things I passed on my daily walks through San Francisco.

Mostly, it’s just nice to capture a moment, to lock in the feeling that caused my hand to reach for the pen.


From Another Sketchbook

These are mostly watercolor pencil or plain watercolor in an old inexpensive sketchbook.  That it’s old and inexpensive gives me the freedom to try new things and make mistakes, which I do a lot!  Click an image to enlarge.


October Moleskine Sketches

Did a lot of drawing this month.  Something kicked into gear.

Right after spending six weeks posting all my past work to Instagram, I got a new sense of purpose.

I realized that, without even having intended to, I’ve committed myself to this form of self expression.  And you know what?  I love it.

Here’s most of what I sketched this month in the Moleskine.  Click on each for a larger view.