Month: January 2019

January Sketches

Spent a lotta time this month prepping new classes for the spring.  Still, managed to get some drawing done.  Started off right on New Years Day…20190101cCaught an awesome early year sunset…20190102aOnce back from Mexico, did a study of skies and clouds, using four different shades of blue…

Also did a detailed study of Yogi Ram from Mexico…

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Based on Teoh’s review, got Ted Dodson’s book Keys to Drawing and followed the early exercises…

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Also found time to sketch on-sight in the Moleskine…

By the end of the month, once all my prep work was done, got to meditate on this morning sunrise…


Then got myself an ice cream to say Cheers!


Can’t wait to see what next month brings!


Hola, Boca de Tomatlan

Just spent a wonderful week with Bob Masla & Friends at his Casa de los Artistas in Boca de Tomatlan, a little fishing village south of Puerto Vallarta, where the mountain-cool Rio Horcones flows into the wide warm Pacifico.

Got a lotta sketching done.

Played with watercolors, too.

Did a close study of tropical clouds.

Took a road trip to El Tuito, a little colonial ranch pueblito in a small, beautiful valley.


Took another trip north to Puerto Vallarta for dinner on the beach.


In between, played a bit with charcoal and chalk.

Now that I’m home, it’s time for a long warm bath.

Thanks, Bob!


Happy Birthday, Lila Schindler

Today’s the birthday of a dear friend, the mother of my two hermanomigos.

Since Christmas, I’ve been staring at a photograph of her from 1980.  Como se dice, el tiempo vuela.  Time flies.

So nice to have spent this past week focused on her spirit, on the kind and gentle geography of her face.

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