Month: November 2018

Back to Basics

I learned so much making these color charts for some of my paint palettes — learned about each paint’s personalty, how to use the brush, how to arrange my water and paints in relation to my paper.


Same with making these color swatches of my five palettes.


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Highly recommended!


November Sketches

Moleskine Sketches

Sketchbook Sketches

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Recycled Packaging-Paper Sketches

Watercolor Sketches

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Another Oroville Getaway

It’s nice to drive outta town, to head over mountains and follow delta rivers.  Nothing like a place to stay with nothing to do — nothing but putting marks on paper.  (Click for bigger views.)

Managed to catch this view of Oroville’s Cemetary on the back of some recycled packaging paper.


Kept drawing fast, whatever was in front of me, then added hues with watercolor paints and pencils.